Project Title:


Supporting survivors of sexualized and gender based violence women’s self-help       groups accessing their rights to health, justice and the social system in Kosovo”


Implementation period: 01.11.2013 – 30.10. 2016


Implementation partners: medica mondiale e.V. Cologne – (lead agency),

Women’s Association Medica Gjakova, MGJ – implementation organization,

Kosova Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims, KRCT – implementation partner organization.

Initiative for Kosova Communities / IKC – implementation partner


Overall objective: The project contributes to reducing violence against women and

therefore to conflict prevention and building of sustainable peace.


The project will improve the well-being of survivors of gender-based violence and the strengthening of their security. Women and girls will integrate into all aspects of public life.


The women in the (previous) direct target group will have greater self-help competences; and will be able to overcome their experiences of violence.


With the benefits of selling of agricultural and dairy products, they will improve their economic situation as the cooperative “Duart e Dardanes” is competing successfully on the market.


Women in the (new) direct target group (including ethnic minorities) will have access to trauma-sensitive psychosocial counseling, free gynecological care and legal advice.


The women in the (new) direct target group will be empowered – they will have greater self-help competencies and be able to overcome their experiences of violence.


Project title:

“Strengthen stabilisation and women’s rights through social, psychological and economic support for the survivors of sexual violence in Kosovo”

Implementation period: 01.06.2016 – 31. 03.2018

Implementation organization: The Kosova Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims (KRCT) – lead agency;

Women’s Association  Medica Gjakova, implementation partner.



The project intend to improve of the overall social, psychological and economic well being  of the survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence and their family members through ensuring access to justice, rehabilitation, and other reparation programmes. The project also supports the process of documentation and investigation of sexual violence and promotes awareness rising on breaking the social stigma.

To achieve the purpose of the project, KRCT and Medica Gjakova will offer as following:

Provisions of trauma sensitive and gender-specific psychosocial and medical services will be offered for individual empowerment of women, leadings to their empowerment and improvement of their position in family. This will enable both rehabilitation centers and survivors to engage into advocacy activities addressing survivors’ needs incurring from the consequences suffered as a result of the ordeal they went through.  Through this support the program will propose corrective actions (health based, social, legal), to implement legislation addressing survivors’ rights.


Economic measures will help women to build their capacities, generate incomes, support themselves and their family members


Through strengthening the capacities of the Commission, and regional social centers within the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for documentation and investigation of CRSV. The program will contribute to gender sensitive and specific approach to survivors and thus effective documentation of survivors who apply for the recognition of their status.


Awareness raising activities with survivors and community members (including men, youth and religious leaders) will contribute to changing of social norms around CRSV at the community and institutional level.

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