Project: Building the capacities of CRSV responsible institutions and supporting CRSV survivors’ economic empowerment

Capacity development training: Food processing and quality standards for agricultural homemade products.

Duration of the training: 5 days


Output 3/Activity: Capacity Development

  1. Background

Supported by United Nation Mission in Kosovo – UNIMK, Medica Gjakova is in charge of implementing the project Building the capacities of CRSV responsible institutions and supporting CRSV survivors’ economic empowerment.

This multi-dimensional project seeks to support the empowerment and the rights of Conflict Related Sexual Violence (CRSV) survivors in two ways by:

(1) Supporting and enhancing the knowledge and skills of the competent institutions in providing professional services to CRSV survivors, and

(2) Promoting their employment rights and opportunities in sectors such as agriculture, food processing, handcraft, and tourism.

The objective of the project is to enhance the capacities of the staff in the responsible institutions (the Secretariat of the Commission for the Verification and Recognition of Sexual Violence Victim Status in Kosovo and the Regional Departments of Martyrs’ Families and War Invalids) so as to ensure their human rights-based approach (HRBA) and improve the livelihood opportunities for CRSV survivors, with their family members, promoting their equal rights and opportunities.


  1. Information about the project


  1. Purpose of the Assignment

The service provider is responsible to closely cooperate with Medica Gjakova, in Gjakova, in creation of a short Video Campaign within the framework of the “By my Voice “campaign, camping already launched in 2018 by four NGO’s with the same scope. This activity/video will reach survivors of sexualised violence, vulnerable groups and all the community by creating a short video (can be an animation video) on how to apply for the pension and benefits of this group they can have through civil society and the government.

Note: Medica Gjakova is one of the fourth licensed NGO from the government in Kosovo which helps women to apply for the recognition of their status based on the law Nr. 04/L-054 on the status and rights of martyr, disabled veterans, members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Civilian Victims and their families.

Medica Gjakova will ensure that the service provider has suitable approach because of sensitiveness of the target group.

The service provider will work closely with the Medica Gjakova to conduct the following tasks:



Activity 1: Preparation of training material and other training tools;

Activity 2: Delivery of customized training to selected women and girls, including training evaluation and reporting;



  1. Deliverables


The local service provider will be responsible for the following deliverables:


  • Training participation log;
  • Adapt training materials;
  • Adapt and/or develop all forms/templates) related to training;
  • Provide training to selected participants;
  • Training evaluation forms (originals);
  • Progress report after the training;
  • List of trainer/trainers who will deliver the training;
  • Final report within 15 days of completion of the assignment, including lessons learned recommendations and conclusions;



  1. Schedule

The assignment should be fulfilled during 2 months respectively the period from March to April 2022. During this period the service provider shall deliver the tasks as outlined above.




  1. Language

The training will be delivered in local languages.

The final report should be written in English.





  1. Place(s) of Assignment

Gjakova, Republic of Kosovo.




  1. Reporting
  • Submit progress and final report as agreed.
  • Submit photos during the everyday training days and other activities.
  • The reporting and all assessment documents should be conducted in languages mentioned above. Comments and suggestions from the MGJ project teams should be taken into consideration throughout the assignment.



  1. Procurement of Equipment and Materials

Not applicable.



  • Other provisions

The payment will be made in two installments.


Note: The total budged cost should not exceed the amount of 500 euros.



  • Request for Information for the offer


  • Service Provider shall Submit:
    1. Technical proposal (plan of activities and narrative to justify the choices proposed meet requirements of the TOR)
    2. CV’s of the team leader and all trainers that will be engaged in delivering the training.

Note: Medica Gjakova reserves the right to confirm and propose other trainer accordingly.

    1. Budget Proposal
  • Proof of service provider`s legal status (registration and/or certification documentation), Company details (name, postal address bank information etc.) and owner’s/executive director identification card.
  • Service provider should provide the names of 2 reference clients with whom they have provided a similar work as required by the Medica Gjakova. The Company/NGO should note that References may be contacted by the Medica Gjakova at any time.

The Company/NGO shall submit its offer in English language.




  • Communication

Should you have additional questions related to the TOR or tendering process please contact via email: (Project Manager).

The deadline for submitting the proposal/offer is 13.03.2022.

The completed electronic offers should be submitted via email to: (Project Manager) or hard copy at Medica Gjakova premises;

Note: The offers received after the deadline and incomplete offers will not be taken into consideration.

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