April 4th is medica mondiale’s 27th anniversary of its founding. From its inception until today, it has been and will continue to be the organization with the best aim of supporting survivors of sexualized violence around the world.

Sexualized violence used as a tool of war is punishable, but very few people have been convicted of these crimes.
Our country, Kosovo, faced this challenge in the years 1998-1999, and today, the wounds of these 21 years are still lived by many survivors, they remain silent due to the stigmatization and prejudices of society.

medica mondiale founded MEDICA in Gjakova, to support survivors to have a place to repose, to heal they trauma and to empower them and trained the staff to raise the quality of work.
medica mondiale supported Kosovo and continues with a great support.
On behalf of all survivors of sexualized violence, and on behalf of Medica Gjakova’s staff, we wish you, health, and much more successes in your work and in all aspects of the life.

I would like to thank Dr. Monika Hauser, who has been the best example for all of us for her tireless efforts and valuable contribution to the women survivors in Kosovo, in the Balkans and worldwide. I want to thank her also for inspiring me and my collegues to firmly believe that women can do!

I would like to extend a big thanks to the great staff of medica mondiale e. V.​

Keep going!
Together, we will be stronger and will continue support for survivors worldwide.
Happy Anniversary medica mondiale!
Thanks for your great work!

Linda and the staff of Medica Gjakova​

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